New site…new site

New site…new site

Hello there! My name is Cara Gillespie.

I am a writer and editor. I contribute and edit for Maggie Journal and I’m also the creative writing editor for Right Now. I was head administration and on the editorial committee for Visible Ink 2014.

This is one of the places where you can find out what I’m up. I’m also on Twitter.

This blog used to be an attempt at the satirical where I’d post my to do lists—but that got boring very quickly. That’s why if you delve into the history you’ll find at least four to-dos from early 2014. Riveting reading! I know I’m not wasting paper—I’d like to have even a little archive to begin with.

Exciting budding project
If I’m not here—I’m at my other WordPress office—where I’m currently working on a science book reviewing blog. It’s fun and has lots of pictures. I hope it will soon transform from a bud into a blossom.


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