The Big Issue #480

The Big Issue #480

A photo of The Big Issue number 480 with musician Ed Sheeran on the cover.

I know my previous post was really positive—and I’m going to do it again. So what. I must be having a good reading week.

 The Big Issue features Ed Sheeran and it’s clear that he’s legendary. I was a really nice interview with Sylvia Patterson. I mean, how much can we learn from a double-page interview about a superstar who is written about every day. You can’t learn much, really. But I found this interview really interesting and enjoyable to read. I was on public transport and grinning shamelessly as I read. Ed sheeran is:

  • hard working
  • talented
  • funny
  • nice
  • A good storyteller—and I suspect Patterson is too.

Fiona Scott-Norman’s piece, Fame and Misfortune, about artists and performers working hard for no money was a good read too. Made me happy that we have selfless, crazy, creative people in the world but also sad because they don’t get acknowledgement for their work in the traditional sense, i.e, getting paid. Everyone likes to be able to pay the rent.
Looking forward to getting The Big Issue next month from my regular vendor.


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